How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/Plus stuck at setup screen

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We’ll walk you through the process of resetting your Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/Plus if it’s getting stuck on the setup screen. Only a handful of companies remain in the tablet business, and Samsung is one of them. In fact, even the lack of competition hasn’t made the OEM complacent, as it continues to produce great tablets.

With its eighth-generation tablet in mind, this statement can be substantiated. Its climb to stardom was obvious to anyone looking at its impressive feature set and well-designed physical design. However, despite all the perks, it also has its fair share of problems. Several Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/Plus owners have reported that their tablets have become stuck on the setup screen.

Similarly, some users have claimed that their smartphone is frozen with the message: ‘Galaxy Tab S8 setup in progress – Tap to conclude Galaxy S8 setup’. Users whose Galaxy Tab S8/Plus is stuck on “Getting your tablet ready… ” are also of the same mind. As a result, please be patient. As a fellow boater, this guidance will assist you safely dock in. Here’s how you get it fixed.

Fix Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/Plus stuck at the setup screen

You should give each of the following workarounds a go before deciding which one works best for you. In light of the foregoing, let’s get this started!

FIX 1: Disable Notifications

For the time being, this is a workaround that will temporarily alleviate the problem. For the sake of your tablet, you should simply force halt the system app that sends these alerts by disabling the notifications. As a starting point, here’s how it might be done:

  1. Navigate to your device’s Settings menu.
  2. Go to Apps and enable “Show System Apps” after that.
  3. Scroll to “Android Setup” and select “Force Stop” from the menu.
  4. The setup notification on your tablet should be eliminated as a result.

As previously stated, this patch will only remain in effect until a new background instance of this app is started.

FIX 2: Switch to Portrait Mode

This caused some customers to be unable to proceed with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/Plus setup process. What’s more, their tablets didn’t even display the complete list of permissions in the window that could be seen.

That’s what they did, so they just flipped their phone’s orientation from landscape to portrait [using the notification panel or the settings menu]. So give it a whirl and see if it works for you or not.

FIX 3: Try Setup from the OS

  1. Restart your tablet and factory reset it if you were able to access the OS.
  2. Simply restart your tablet if you find yourself stuck in the setup screen.
  3. You can return to the setup screen by carrying out either of the previous two steps.
  4. Let the tablet boot to the OS and skip the entire setup procedure (don’t even set up your Wi-Fi).
  5. An alert to finish the setup will now appear; tap it. The Google sign-in page will then be presented to you.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup, and you won’t experience any problems this time.

It’s done. There are three distinct ways to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/Plus to stop freezing at the setup screen, as detailed above. Even though this issue has been acknowledged by the developers, they haven’t provided any information on a release date or timeframe for fixing it. The information in this guide will be updated as soon as any of these two events occurs. For the time being, your best option is to use the previously indicated workaround.

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