How to Fix Oculus Air Link Laggy / Stuttering?

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The Oculus Quest Air Link latency and stutter issues can be fixed using three distinct approaches. There is no doubt that Facebook’s virtual reality headsets are among the best on the market. In spite of its impressive list of features, Air Link has managed to capture the attention of the general populace. You may now play PC virtual reality games wirelessly on your Oculus with this feature. That, however, is only one perspective.

On the other hand, there have been reports of issues with this feature in the past. Oculus Quest’s Air Link feature has been plagued by frequent lags and stutters, according to a number of users. I’ve noticed that since the newest v41 upgrade for Oculus and the v40 version for its PC software. Because of the frequent freezing and FPS decreases, the functionality has been rendered completely useless. As a fellow boater, this guidance will assist you safely dock your vessel. Follow the instructions.

How to Fix Oculus Quest Air Link Lag and Stutter

You should give each of the following workarounds a go before deciding which one works best for you. In light of the foregoing, let’s get this started!

FIX 1: Change the Dynamic Bitrate

Changing Air Link’s Dynamic Bitrate should be your initial step. Simply open Airlink and adjust the Dynamic Bitrate setting with the slider to alter the current bitrate value. Check to see whether the Oculus Quest Air Link lag and stutter issues can be fixed using this method.

FIX 2: Carry out Repair Installation

One method that worked for some Oculus owners was to repair their existing Oculus installation. For example, consider the following:

  1. Select your VR from the list on the Oculus setup page.
  2. Next, select the Download Software button next to it.
  3. After downloading, run it to begin the repair process.
  4. After that, launch the Oculus app to see if the lag and stuttering issues with the Oculus Quest Air Link have been resolved.

FIX 3: Use Oculus Killer Tool

Using Oculus Killer, you can turn your Oculus VR headset into a near-native SteamVR experience. It stops Oculus Dash from beginning and destroys the processes associated with it. The effect of this is that SteamVR will start up instantly the moment you put on your headset (or launch Link). The performance may potentially increase as a result of Dash’s removal from the game. Head over to the tool’s GitHub website and check it out to get a sense of how it works.

Using one of these approaches could help alleviate Oculus Quest Air Link frame rate issues. The official position is that the developers are aware of this problem, but they haven’t provided an ETA for a fix’s release. As soon as that happens, we’ll be sure to update this article. For the time being, your best option is to use one of the solutions listed above.

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