How to Fix Twitter false persistent notification alert on iOS

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We’ll teach you how to remedy Twitter’s fake persistent notification alert issue on iOS devices in this article. The CEO and board of directors of this microblogging and social networking service have been in the headlines a lot lately because of the aspects of ambiguity around them.

With that said, the service is once again making headlines, and not for reasons it would have preferred. According to a number of iPhone users, the iOS Twitter app is displaying fake persistent notification notifications. It is true that they have not gotten any new alerts, but the software is constantly reminding them that they have received one.

Also, a notification counter may be seen on the app’s icon. That these false alarms persist even after you re-check all of your notifications and re-launch the app is aggravating. Having said that, there is a clever workaround you can use to fix this problem. To that end, let’s have a look, shall we?

How to Fix Twitter’s false persistent notification alert on iOS

The only drawback to this workaround is that it only provides a little respite from the pain. As a result, if you wait a few hours, this problem can resurface. The above-mentioned patch will have to be repeated if this happens. There are better options, but for the time being, this is the only one we have.

  1. Start by opening Twitter on a non-Apple device, such as an Android phone or a Windows computer.
  2. The account that is currently showing false alerts should then be logged into.
  3. After that, visit its notification area and perform a single refresh. I’m done now.
  4. Launch the Twitter app on your iPhone now, and the false persistent notification alert problem on iOS should be resolved.

Even though this issue has been acknowledged by the developers, they haven’t provided any information on a release date or timeframe for fixing it. The information in this guide will be updated as soon as any of these two events occurs.

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