Destiny 2 Weekly Challenge Empty Grief: How to Complete

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This guide will walk you through the actions necessary to complete the Empty Grief Week 2 Challenge. Bungie’s online multiplayer first-person shooter video game offers a “shared-world” scenario with role-playing game components. There are two game modes: player vs. environment and player vs. other players, so there’s something for everyone. It has three-player “strikes” and dungeons and six-player raids, whereas it has deathmatch and objective-based modes.

In spite of the inclusion of so many extras, the game does have its share of flaws. Destiny 2 players are concerned that they are unable to accomplish the Empty Grief weekly challenge. Using a void subclass and one of the three weapon subclasses—void, kinetic, or stasis weapons—you must finish the Server [grief]. But even if you follow the criteria and succeed in your challenge, the mission will still be marked as unfinished in your logs. So, what exactly is going on here, and more importantly, what can be done to resolve it? Let’s see what we can find out.

How to Complete Destiny 2 Weekly Challenge Empty Grief

The bug will spread if you use the scythe or witherhoard to accomplish the “Empty Grief” task. Especially noteworthy is that the scythe will be marked as a solar weapon, and as a result, its use will be disregarded when determining if the challenge has been successfully completed. It shouldn’t be difficult to complete the job if you’re equipped with your Void subclass and either your Void, Kinetic, or Stasis weaponry. The following combinations could be tested in this regard:

  • Use the nightmare kinetic auto rifle, void-lock, heart-shadow, void fusion, and void-fusion from GoS.
  • Ran Corrective Measure, Judgement (Void sidearm), and Heritage.
  • Use Palmyra with a lasting impression, Gnawing Hunger, and Tears of Contrition to leave an impression on a Voidwalker.
  • Use the threaded needle, witherhoard, funnleweb, and voidwalker.
  • A Nightstalker Hunter armed with a Bump In The Night Stasis rocket launcher, Reckless Endangerment Kinetic shotgun, and Funnelweb Void SMG.

The guide to completing the Destiny 2 Weekly Challenge Empty Grief comes to an end now. Even though this issue has been acknowledged by the developers, they haven’t provided any information on a release date or timeframe for fixing it. The information in this guide will be updated as soon as any of these two events occurs. For the time being, your best option is to use the previously indicated workaround.

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