How to Fix DJI FPV Country code not updated error

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Workarounds for a country code not updated problem in DJI FPV will be discussed in this article. The DJI offering has captured the interest of the general public when it comes to ready-to-fly drones. Individuals and social media influencers are now using it for aerial photography and filmmaking, too, instead of only major production companies. However, despite all the perks, it still has its fair share of drawbacks.

Its Quick Transfer feature and the Fly and Pro applications weren’t performing as expected recently, and this isn’t the first time. This list has now grown to include a new addition. As of this writing, a number of customers have expressed their worry that DJI FPV displays an error message stating that the country code is incorrect. When they try to fly, they get this error message in the lower right corner of their goggles. If you’re experiencing this problem as well, this post will teach you a handful of simple workarounds that will help you fix it. Follow the instructions.

Fix DJI FPV Country code not updated error

You should give each of the following workarounds a go before deciding which one works best for you. In light of the foregoing, let’s get this started!

FIX 1: Verify the number of satellites

Outside, find 10 or more satellites to link your phone to the Fly app, and then step away from the house. The problem would be remedied if the country code was immediately updated. You don’t even need an internet connection to perform this patch on your phone.

FIX 2: Plug your phone to your goggles

When you plug in your phone to the goggles, the error warning will disappear. You’ll have to do this every time you fly to get rid of the notification. If you take the Drone out to fly again, the Country code not updated error in DJI FPV will reappear. So, this is only a temporary remedy.

FIX 3: Re-Flash the Firmware

It may sound unusual, but flashing the firmware many times seemed to help some users fix this problem. So give this change a shot and see if it works for you or not.

Final Words

There are three ways to fix the DJI FPV problem “country code not updated”:. Even though this issue has been acknowledged by the developers, they haven’t provided any information on a release date or timeframe for fixing it. The information in this guide will be updated as soon as any of these two events occurs.

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