Jaybird Vista vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

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Review of Jaybird Vista vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus comparison here. On the basis of what they have been used for, both of these earphones have been built. Go to the detailed review to learn more about their features and design, as well as whether one is best for you.


Jaybird Vista

If you just want to use one earbud while you’re working and don’t want it to be too obvious that you have earbuds in, you can take out one and connect it to your phone while keeping the other in your pocket. They are genuinely wireless, which means that they work independently of each other.

To use, you simply have to push one of the buttons on these earbuds and designate a certain action to each one. Go into the button controls and you may assign them to different actions, such as bringing up your Google assistant with a single push or doing something special. You can also use the double-press and press-and-hold options.

Personally, I found myself pressing too hard on my ear, and since these go into the canal, I didn’t believe it was something I wanted to do on a regular basis. I’d have rather if they’d included some form of touch control instead. Again, this was a less-than-desirable circumstance. You can enable the button controls if you choose, but I found myself squeezing the buds into my ear so hard that I didn’t use them.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

There are 11 hours of battery life, three microphones for improved phone audio quality, and wireless charging on the box. As a result, it appears to be a complete set of options.

We have a high-gloss case here, which is sleek and smooth, and it has a premium feel to it, to say the least. In the past, we’ve seen lids that just slam shut, but this one is a touch tougher to open and close. However, it still feels wonderful. So, it’s both durable and dependable. You can see when you open it that you can kind of retain it at any angle you like. There is a magnetic closing, of course.

The earphones’ battery life is indicated by an LED on the inside, and the case’s battery life is indicated by an LED on the outside. If you have a Qi wireless charger or a phone with a charging pad, these earphones can be used wirelessly, and that’s something I truly appreciate about these earbuds. Finally, on the rear, we have the USB-C charging port, so these will charge quite quickly.

Our three microphones include one on the inside and two at each of the tops and bottoms. Outside, we have the classic touchpad, which is more advanced than it was previously, since not only can we tap it once or twice or hold it, but we are also testing out some new functions, such as tapping the corner to alter volume.


Jaybird Vista

The Jaybird Vistas have a very secure fit in my ear, which is one of the features that I enjoy most. They didn’t come out when I was running. They didn’t fall out as often while walking or commuting in normal life. Because of the way they fit in your ear, these don’t have noise-cancelling capabilities, but they do block out some of the ambient sounds. There is a lot of sound that is blocked out because of the extra-large silicon tip on this particular earplug. When I was listening to music, I couldn’t hear what people were saying around me, but when I paused it, I could hear them clearly.

These are not noise-canceling headphones, but the way they fit in your ear cancels out a lot of the noise around you. Furthermore, these earbuds did not cause any fatigue for me. I once listened to them for three hours straight and had no signs of exhaustion or fatigue at all. As a result, despite their seeming bulk, these glasses are surprisingly light and comfortable to wear. With these wingtips, you won’t have any issues with security or fit.

I’ve been going around the city with these and they haven’t fallen out once even though I went for a run with them. A big advantage when it comes to staying in my ear is the fact that these have a secure fit. Once you have the right fit, these will stay there.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The earbuds themselves have a striking resemblance to the original Galaxy buds in terms of their design and size, and they’re quite lightweight and comfy. One of the things I enjoy about these earbuds is that the ear tips and the wingtips can be exchanged for a variety of other options if you don’t find them to be comfortable. If you want the finest sound quality and passive noise reduction, you’ll need to use one of the three sets of ear tips that come with them.

These won’t slip out of your ears either, thanks to the three separate wingtips. After using the original Galaxy buds for over a year, I can attest that this is indeed true. They perform extremely well, and I can work out with them without them ever falling out.

These earphones have a great form factor, they’re small and compact, and they fit perfectly. My favorite part about these earphones is how comfy they are. You’ll forget you’re wearing them when you’re walking around or working at your desk all day because of how comfortable they are.


Jaybird Vista

The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is really strong. As far as connectivity goes, I had no issues with the Jaybird Vistas. When I took them out of their case, they connected to my phone relatively immediately and there were no issues with the earbuds connecting to my phone in a crowded area, which is where some earbuds fail. These two earbuds appear to be independent of one other, so that if you only need one, you can do so. As a result, that’s something I really like.

Another thing I loved about them is that there is no latency, so there is no wait between what you see and hear on your phone and what you see and hear on the screen. Earbuds with excellent sound quality will eliminate any latency issues you may have had in the past.

As a result of their high-end status, the Jaybird vistas have their own app, which I enjoy seeing more and more, as it allows for software updates for the buds, which can improve music quality or connectivity, or whatever the case may be. In the time since getting this, Jaybird has done an admirable job of keeping us apprised of new developments.

The auto-off feature on the Jaybird Vistas is another feature I appreciate. As a result, the buds will be turned off after 15 or 60 minutes of inactivity. This simply means that you won’t be able to pick them up and discover that you’ve exhausted all of your options with the app’s preset music and other features.

You may submerge the Jaybird Vistas in water for around 30 minutes, according to their IPX7 rating. To put it another way, I won’t put these to the test since I’m not particularly interested in putting them to the test. You shouldn’t have any problems with the Jaybird Vistas if you run or work out a lot, and the company offers a warranty in case they do break down due to excessive sweating.

In addition, I didn’t enjoy the lack of touch controls. It would have been far more convenient to use a touch-sensitive bud instead of pressing them into your ear, which was uncomfortable, and I eventually quit using the earbud’s functions. All three aspects of this headset were excellent: the sound quality, its fit, and its battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

When working out and you’re sweating or it’s raining, these are also IPX to water-resistant, which is convenient. These earphones should be fine, and you shouldn’t have any issues with them. If you look inside the earbud, you’ll notice two small nodes right there, which is how the two small copper pads right there are charged.

Then there’s a proximity sensor right there, so it understands whether to play or pause when you remove it from your ear or insert it back in. Galaxy buds in particular have a smooth experience when it comes to taking one out of your ear while keeping the others in, and when it comes to taking both out, it knows it should halt. This is something I truly like about them. When you remove it from the case, it automatically connects, and when you put it back in, it automatically disconnects. I’d say this is a very well-executed project.

The software has a few options for adjusting your earbuds. When you attach them to your Android device, a notification appears up on your screen that shows the battery level of each earbud and the case, which is great. As soon as you open the Galaxy apps, you’ll see that the case and each earbud’s battery are shown at the top, and then we have ambient sound, where you may adjust the volume.

When it comes to the touchpad, things get more interesting since you can use voice commands, ambient sound, volume up/down right/left, and access Spotify when you tap and hold. However, there are only two options available: Spotify and ambient sound.

In the event that you lose your earbuds, or if you happen to find them sitting about, these are the small spheres. Find My Earbuds is a great tool for finding your earbuds, because it begins with a low chirping sound and then gradually gets louder, making it much easier to locate. For example, by double-tapping one of the earbud corners, you can increase or decrease the volume of your audio device. Because of this, I think it is a really cool feature to have on the earbuds, as well.

To use these, the touchpads’ controls are incredibly user-friendly. There are three ways to use this app: single-tap to start or stop the song, double-tap for one song forward and triple-tap for one song back. When you touch and hold the app, it will show everything I’ve explained in detail in the app. The volume can be increased or decreased by double-tapping the corner of the screen.

You can also connect your headphones to the PC via Bluetooth by simply opening your earbuds and selecting Bluetooth right there in the Add a New Device window. This should identify your earbuds and allow us to connect them to the laptop. As with other Bluetooth 5.0 devices, you can pair your phone with the touchpad to activate Siri with a simple tap and hold on the touchscreen.

Overall, I’m impressed by how well Samsung integrated so many different features into this, especially within the app itself. There are advanced touch controls here, ambient mode with volume control and EQ tweaking, an earbud finder, and of course labs, where we can adjust volume by tapping the corner. All of these features are great additions from Samsung. Just the sheer number of things they can accomplish goes far beyond what you could do with standard wired headphones. It shows just how far wireless headphones have come technologically, and how much more they can do than what was previously possible.


Jaybird Vista

When fully charged, each bud will last six hours, and the case provides an additional 10 hours, which can be recharged through USB-C, which is a big advantage. The battery life is critical, and while these headphones aren’t a battery killer, they’re not slouches either. It’s possible to get an hour’s worth of usage out of these by charging them for five minutes, but if you don’t fully charge them, it will take around two hours.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

After just three minutes of charging we’ll have enough battery power for up to an hour of use. That’s truly mind-boggling. So, all you have to do is put it on the charger for one song, and then you’re good for an hour.

There is a claim on the box that the earbuds have 11 hours of playback time, but they also mention that you should be able to converse for 15 hours and get 22 hours, which is obviously quite impressive in my opinion.

If you drop it on the back of your phone, you’ll see that the light comes on and the battery is being charged. On each of the earbuds, I was getting about 8.2 hours of battery life per charge, which is less than the advertised 11 hours. The volume I was listening at was at 55% or 66%, so you could theoretically get 11.


Jaybird Vista

You can customize your EQ in this area. Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for in their library of presets, you have the option to create your own sound. This is the most common setting for me while I’m listening to R&B, hip-hop or EDM music, and I prefer to keep the bass level up. I simply prefer music with a bit more bass.

When it comes to earphones, the sound quality is critical. These have exceeded my expectations in terms of quality. Overall, I was really pleased with these earbuds. The bass was present, as well as the mids, and the highs. The sound staging was also very pleasant, especially for earbuds of this type that aren’t over the ear or extremely huge. I’d tell you if they didn’t sound okay, but they sound fantastic. I used to listen to all kinds of podcasts, including hip-hop, R&B, and country, and these have been a welcome change, especially since they allow me to alter the EQ. So, these are certainly winners in my book.

The quality of the phone calls was poor, to say the least. These earphones didn’t always sound clear and crisp to me when I made phone conversations, which is something I’m not accustomed to doing. I was just hearing too much of the background noise around me, which is fine if you’re in an office or at home, but not spectacular or superb.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The ambient mode on the app can be turned off if you only want passive noise blocking, or set to low, medium, or high, with the greater the setting, the more outside sound you’ll hear played back to your ears. An extra high setting is also available. I don’t have a custom equalizer, but these sound pretty well. Dynamic is the default setting for me.

It’s possible to switch to ambient mode under the app’s advanced settings. So that you don’t wind up yelling in a quiet area, I find that quite useful. A excellent addition to the app, in fact.

A typical listener, who is seeking for an excellent pair of earbuds, will believe these sound fantastic because they sound terrific in the ear and have a decent balance. In the app, you may adjust the volume and overall sound quality.

In terms of overall sound quality, these headphones aren’t quite up there with the likes of Jabra Elite 75t, but they still sound nice. For Spotify or other apps that don’t require a connection to the internet, these are excellent.

I think the mics and speakers sound wonderful, both while listening to music and on the phone, and people have commented on how good the sound quality is when they’re speaking with me. When using them, though, I’ve noticed that the ambient mode seems to have a tiny delay when I speak; I can still hear myself, but the sound is off. With these earbuds, the delay is evident, but it isn’t necessarily the case with other headphones.


Jaybird Vista is the best option for people who simply require earbuds for sports and exercise, but Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are the best option for people who need all-purpose earbuds and want to look good doing it.

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