HyperX Cloud Stinger vs JBL Quantum 200: Which to Buy?

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Having branded headphones by a reputable company with all the right features and specifications has not only become a necessity but quite a trend too. Headphones are not only gadgets now but an accessory to the lot too. Having up to date headphones with desired features and comfort is a must by users.

Two of the leading Headphones set are HyperX Cloud Stinger and JBL Quantum 200, these introduced by two of the most reliable companies and have up to date features with a sophisticated yet classy design. These two sets are featured by many and are opted by the latter. They have advance tech features and an extreme comfort level.

This article will provide you with the most informed statistics and allow you to see a comparison between the two products and their operations.

HyperX Cloud StingerJBL Quantum 200
Sleek and set.
Amazing Sound Quality.
Amazing Microphone.
Normal audio.Pricey.

Cloud Stinger vs JBL Quantum 200: Design

When looking for a simple yet elegant design with an extreme level of comfort HyperX Coud Stinger has you covered. This model has an overall black frame with red logos on both ear cups giving it a statement look. When it comes to comfort, it has mastered itself by introducing HyperX signature memory foam in it as well as 90 degree rotating ear cups and adjustable steel sliders.

On the other hand, JBL Quantum 200 has its signature elegant and luxurious steel grey exterior with logos on both ear cups. In terms of comfort this product has a lightweight headband and memory foam cushions to ensure durability.

Cloud Stinger vs JBL Quantum 200: Sound

HyperX Cloud Stinger has 50mm drivers which are parallel to the ears to bring the best sound quality. It cancels out any distortion in the background and brings a crystal clear sound experience.

JBL Quantum 200 has an in built signature feature known as JBL Quantum Sound and 50mm drivers. The combination of these two features allos the user to hear without any distubrances and audio aunds clearer and richer. Another audio feature which adds on is its compatibility with the native surround sound system.

Cloud Stinger vs JBL Quantum 200: Mic

HyperX Cloud Stinger microphone performance has a unique swivel to mute noise cancellation feature which cancels out any background noise or distortion and delivers a crystal clear voice without any disruptions. It also allows the user to have a first had solid experience.

JBL Quantum 200 includes a voice focus directional flip up boom microphone with auto on/off and mute features bringing advance tech to access. This Feature helps in noise cancellation and allows the user to use it without having to worry about professionalism.

Cloud Stinger vs JBL Quantum 200: Features

The HyperX Cloud Stinger has a different set of features which includes a lightweight headset alongside signature memory foams to provide comfort. The 50mm drivers are used for audio precision and its swivel to mute noise cancellation feature helps with voice clarity. Alongside all these unique features it is a multi platform compatibility set.

JBL Quantum 200 has up to date features with new technology and advancements useful to all. IT includes JBL Quantum Sound feature which also supports Windows Sonic Spatial sound for audio clarity. It also includes voice focus directional flip flop microphone feature which enhances voice. Alongside these features it supports the latest tech platforms.

Cloud Stinger vs JBL Quantum 200: Which is Better?

When it comes to the price point of the two HyperX Cloud Stinger retails for $47, it is a decent price point considering all the features that come with and updated versions of technology while producing comfort and a beautiful design. This is an ideal headphone set for those with a budget.

JBL Quantum 200 on the other hand is pricier and retails for $60, it is a luxurious gadget with all latest and up to mark features hence the price does do it justice. For all this looking for a nice pair of professional headphones these comes in a decent price point.

When it comes to finalizing a set between the two, it is essential to keep in mind all of its features and its price point. The JBL Quantum 200 are clearly a winner since they have all up to mark features and attest technology. They have a delicate yet sturdy and elegant design and comfort. This set is ideal for those looking for a more professional headphones set with all features at hand.

Whereas the HyperX Cloud Stinger is just as good with all available features at an affordable price. For gamers and other users this is just a good piece but could use a few new updates.

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