Logitech G Pro X vs HyperX Cloud Alpha: Which is Better?

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Quality Headphones within your range are a steal but one must keep in mind its features and specifications. For the finest experience opting for reputable and reliable brands is the key. Gamers and other headphone users always look for salient features like audio quality, design, comfort, and many more.

In a competition between the best headphone sets in the market, the two are Logitech G Pro X and HyperX Cloud Alpha. They both have an exceptional performance claim providing a variety of unique and new characteristics. The two headphone sets have a remarkable built providing their customer’s prime sound quality and comfort which makes them stand out amongst the rest.

This article will provide you with the most informed statistics and allow you to see a comparison between the two products and their operations.

Logitech G Pro XHyperX Cloud Alpha
Good Sound Quality.
Advanced mic technology.
Sleek design.
Very Comfortable.
Amazing Audio Profile.
Not easily adjustable.The microphone picks up noise.

G Pro X vs Cloud Alpha: Design

Logitech G Pro X is an upgraded and more advanced version of Logitech G Pro. Its polished black exterior and stunning aluminum steel cups give it a delicate yet alluring enhancement along with its comfort. The memory foams and velour pads add to the solace of the user assuring a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

HyperX Cloud Alpha is a stylish black set and comes in two sub-sets HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro and S, these two sets have the same elegant design built for a more user-friendly approach but with different themes. When it comes to comfort the HyperX Cloud Alpha is lightweight and easy to wear.

G Pro X vs Cloud Alpha: Sound Test

The Logitech G Pro X has fantastic sound quality. The DTS HEADPHONE:X 2.0 version makes it a stereo headset and its app equalizer allow blockage of surrounding sounds. Its unique audio clarity and bass rendering feature give an exquisite addition of up to mark audio performance.

HyperX Cloud Alpha allows its users to activate the surround sound, adjust the audio and chat balance by its audio control mixer feature. Its sound quality is one of its distinctive features as it is mainly focused on audio features such as Bass adjustment sliders and a Dual-Chamber driver system.

G Pro X vs Cloud Alpha: Mic Test

The Microphone is what sets Logitech G Pro X one step ahead of all the headphones. Its Blue Voice microphone with built-in G-HUB software cancels out any noise in the background and makes the voice crystal clear.

HyperX Cloud Alpha comes with a soft and flexible detachable microphone. The microphone does not include any advanced features or inbuilt technologies hence the voice quality is standard with a neutral performance.

G Pro X vs Cloud Alpha: Extra Features

Looking at the essentials when it comes to features of any headphones set Logitech G Pro X has out mastered itself. They have various features such as durable build steel and memory foam padding for its design. The blue voice mic technology and DTS:X 2.0 version make it stand out more. Its PRO-G 50MM precision drivers and Pro tuned EQ profiles are an addition to the lot.

HyperX Cloud Alpha is no less when it comes to features because of its modern additions such as the plain black sleek design and its over the ear foam to provide utmost signature HyperX comfort. Its HyperX Dual Chamber drivers, bass adjustment sliders, and advanced audio control mixer make it more luxe and unique.

G Pro X vs Cloud Alpha: Specs

Logitech G Pro XHyperX Cloud Alpha
Frequency response20 Hz-20,000 Hz13Hz–27,000Hz
Impedance35 ohm65 ohm
DriverHybrid mesh PRO-G 50 mmCustom dynamic, 50mm with neodymium magnets
Sensitivity91.7 dB SPL @ 1 mW & 1 cm98dB SPL/mW @ 1kHz
ColorBlackBlack, white
Weight320 grams290 grams

G Pro X vs Cloud Alpha: Which to Buy?

Budget control is an essential part of day-to-day lives but when investing in good headphones set you to need to consider its drawbacks. Excellent and unique features can only be found in slightly pricier headphone sets such as the HyperX Cloud Alpha. This set is more expensive than Logitech G Pro X but comes with a variety of new features.

However, the Logitech G Pro X is more budget friendly with a decent amount of features just as essential as any other yet provides you with a sleek and professional outlook.

Considering all aspects and information given it is pretty much obvious that HyperX Cloud Alpha is more advanced than the two and clearly the winner. The new and updated sound features of HyperX Cloud Alpha make it stand out as quality audio is highly essential in a headset. It may be on the pricier side but it’s worth the buy.

Logitech G Pro X has just as amazing features but with slightly less sound quality. It has a better microphone reception than HyperX Cloud Alpha. However, it’s budget friendly.

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