Why Apple Watch Ultra 2 is So Disappointing!

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Many of us eagerly anticipated the unveiling of the Apple Watch Ultra last year. Priced at $799, the original Apple Watch Ultra aimed to establish itself as Apple’s version of an adventure watch, directly competing with brands like Garmin. It catered to a diverse audience of sports enthusiasts, offering specialized features for activities such as scuba diving and hiking. However, it also caught the attention of those seeking an Apple Watch with the largest screen and the most extended battery life.

First Impressions

The brand-new Apple Watch Ultra 2, on the other hand, faced criticism for its striking resemblance to its predecessor. The notable distinctions between the two were the integration of the new S9 SiP chip and a brighter display capable of delivering 3,000 nits of brightness, surpassing the previous model’s 2,000 nits. So, we have to say, we are pretty disappointed in the new Apple Watch Ultra 2.

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Anticipated Improvements and Reality

The introduction of the Apple Watch Ultra managed to attract the attention of additional runners to the Apple Watch ecosystem. Although we didn’t anticipate a significant overhaul in the Apple Watch Ultra 2 this year, there were still some hopes that Apple might introduce enhancements to address certain issues and make it more appealing to a broader audience. Some of these anticipated improvements included the possibility of a black titanium model, increased battery life, and a reduction in the bezel size. However, what Apple delivered was a nifty double-tap feature and a new watch face called the “Ultra” face, while other anticipated features were noticeably absent.

The Double-Tap Feature: A Notable Addition

This new functionality allows users to perform primary actions within their apps or carry out tasks like answering phone calls and taking photos by simply double-tapping their forefinger and thumb on the hand where the watch is worn. This innovation could prove especially useful for runners who find the traditional method of pausing a run cumbersome.

Battery Life and Design Choices

Surprisingly, the battery life did not see any improvements, even though Apple opted for a new chip that theoretically should have allowed for greater efficiency. The decision to not introduce a black titanium version seemed like a missed opportunity to entice even existing Apple Watch Ultra owners to upgrade.

Apple’s Commitment to Carbon Neutrality

Rather unexpectedly, Apple introduced a noticeable gap between the unveiling of the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Apple Watch Ultra 2. This move showcased their commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. Depending on the type of band you select, you now have the opportunity to own an Apple Watch that boasts complete carbon neutrality.


We had hoped for some compelling reasons to divert our attention from other smartwatches. Regrettably, Apple’s latest offering failed to provide any such incentives. It’s possible to locate the original Apple Watch Ultra at significantly reduced prices. Given the minimal differences between it and the new Ultra 2, most individuals won’t notice a substantial gap in performance. While the improved brightness, onboard Siri, and the new watch face are welcome additions, Apple fell short in providing compelling reasons for people to upgrade.

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