Qi 2: The Future of Wireless Charging

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Wireless charging has always been convenient, but it often comes with its own set of frustrations. Slow charging, compatibility issues, and difficulties in aligning the phone with the charger have plagued users for years. However, there is a ray of hope on the horizon – Qi 2, the long-awaited update to the original Qi charging standard, is here to solve all these problems in one go.

The Magnetic Standard for Android and Apple

Qi 2, often referred to as the “MagSafe for Android,” is a magnetic standard that promises a seamless charging experience. Apple, along with Google and Samsung, played a significant role in the development of this standard. Despite being competitors, these tech giants joined forces as members of the Wireless Power Consortium, which published the Qi 2 standard. This collaboration ensures that both Android and Apple users can benefit from the improvements.

Improved Alignment and Convenience

One of the significant advantages of Qi 2 is its magnetic design, allowing devices to stick to the charger securely. No more struggling to align your phone properly with the charging pad. This feature will be a relief for millions of users who constantly receive notifications urging them to adjust their phone’s position for optimal charging. Additionally, the tighter coupling of the induction coils reduces heat buildup during charging, promoting better long-term battery health.

Enhancements over Qi 1 and MagSafe

Qi 2 brings several improvements over its predecessor and even Apple’s MagSafe. While Qi 1 charging tops out at 15 watts, Qi 2 is just getting started. Although initial Qi 2 devices may not exceed 15 watts, the standard supports higher charging rates in the future. Furthermore, Qi 2 incorporates a handshaking process that enables devices to refuse to work with low-quality chargers that don’t meet the Qi 2 specifications. This feature helps users avoid counterfeit chargers and ensures they receive a warning message if necessary. The Wireless Power Consortium has even taken steps to remove non-compliant devices from popular shopping sites like Amazon, providing consumers with peace of mind.

Availability of Qi 2 Devices

The first wave of Qi 2 devices is expected to hit the market in late 2023, primarily consisting of phones and wireless earbuds. Following that, tablets and smartwatches will likely adopt the standard in mid-2024. As for Apple’s iPhone 15, it supports Qi 2 hardware-wise, and the software will eventually enable Qi 2 wireless charging. However, the exact timeline for this feature remains uncertain.


The introduction of Qi 2 brings exciting developments to the world of wireless charging. With its magnetic design, improved alignment, and support for faster charging rates, users can look forward to a more convenient and efficient charging experience. Say goodbye to compatibility issues and unreliable chargers – Qi 2 is here to revolutionize wireless charging for both Android and Apple devices. Embrace the future of wireless power!

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