Logitech G533 vs G733: Should You Upgrade?

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In today’s time and space good quality headphones with desired features are hard to find hence when choosing a headset for yourself it is extremely important to look at all aspects and choose the correct one which results as an all-rounder and turns to be a good investment.

The Logitech series have no doubt been the classiest and high in demand series of all times thus two durable and trustworthy headphone sets are Logitech G533 and Logitech G733. These two are exceptional headphones with amazing features which tend to all quintessential features and specifications.

This Article will provide you with the most informed statistics and allow you to see a comparison between the two products and their operations.

G533 vs G733: Design

Before we talk about the more technical and logical comparison between the Logitech G533 and G733 headphones, I think its important to address the comfort and design.

Starting off with the G533 wireless gaming headset, it has an over-the-ear circumaural earpiece design with an adjustable headband connection designed to be a long-lasting yet lightweight headset. The earpieces are surrounded with breathable sports mesh ear pads for long hours of comfort and maximizing noise cancellation. This particular headset contains 15-hour battery life with a single charging session.

When comparing it to the G733 wireless gaming headset, it is somewhat similar to the G533 in terms of the basic design. Like the G533, it has an over-ear circumaural earpiece design with a headband earpiece connection, however, the design contains a dual-layer memory foam which fits perfectly on the head and around the face with the adjustable suspension strap.

There is quite a significant difference between the weight of the headsets with the G733 weighing only 278 grams, a little more than half a pound, whereas the G533 weighs about 350g, almost ¾ of a pound.

Furthermore, the G733 ear pads are made of a better-quality hybrid-mesh material for comfort and clean sound. As mentioned above, the G533 contains 15-hour battery life while the G733 has leveled up to 29+ hours of battery life with a single charge like the G533.

G533 vs G733: Sound Quality

Moving on to the audio comparison between the headsets, which is also the most important factor for choosing the best quality headphones. Both the G533 and G733 are featured with advanced wireless audio and 7.1 surround sound audio drivers. Specifically, for the G733, there is an option for next-gen DTS headphones with 2.0 surround sound, which also happens to be discord certified.

Both headsets contain Pro G 40 mm drivers and 20hz -20khz frequency responses. It is visible that both headsets are similar in their audio aside from the DTS headphones: x 2.0 surround sound is still a step up from the G533.

G533 vs G733: Mic Quality

Aside from good audio, it is essential for gamers to project a clear voice to the other sound party.

Starting with the G533, the microphone size is 4mm whereas the G733 is 6mm, providing a larger base for voice projection. Both headsets contain a cardioid pickup pattern microphone (unidirectional), and voice volume controls to tune your own voice in the microphone.

The G533 introduced the noise cancelling microphone on a folding extending boom for the clearest voice possible and the bendable microphone feature that mutes when you bend it up. The G733 offers blue voice filters allowing you to fine-tune quality sound.

G533 vs G733: Features

The G733 introduces many new cool features as an upgrade from the G533, including new colors, lights, and the headband’s comfort.

The headset comes in many new fun colors instead of the standard color black. It contains lights on the edges of the earpieces with about 16.8 M colors which can also be personalized by programming with free G Hub gaming software. It is also customizable with other accessories like reversible suspension straps and mic covers. G733 has also combined gaming tech with colorful and high-performance keyboards and mice.

G533, on the other hand, introduced noise cancellation microphones and wireless headphones with long-term battery life, which had been further improved in the G733.

G533 vs G733: Which to Buy?

You would figure the G533 is less expensive than the G733 since it contains somewhat older software, technology, and features; however, that is not the case. The G733 headset is cheaper at around $170 CAD, while the G533 is around $200 CAD. There are some things to consider; however, the G733 is lower because it gives a chunkier gamer vibe with fun colors more for the younger generation, while the G533 has a more classic and professional look. The G533 also contains a noise-canceling microphone which is well suited for corporate use as well.

So now it all comes down to which one is worth buying. As mentioned before, for professional use, the G533 is a well-designed headset offering comfort and features which would satisfy any working professional in need of a headset.

The G733 also covers most of the features the G533 has; however, it seems to be well suited for gamers or younger head set users as the new features are found fascinating by younger buyers.

The G733 seems to be a better option even for working professionals as it offers more comfort and exclusive features; however, both headsets provide something for everyone that the user must identify for what satisfies their needs.

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