40 Best Desk Decor Ideas to Make Your Workspace More Productive

Your work environment can have a significant impact on your productivity. You don’t need the latest and greatest gadget; all you need are the bare essentials. In this post, we’ll show you several goods that will not only make your workspace look better, but they’ll also help you get more done.

1. Desk Pads

You may use desk pads for more than just aesthetic reasons. They’re also highly useful. They’re the ideal surface for resting your elbows while also safeguarding your expensive West Elm desk.

2. Wall Calendar

On the other hand, a lot of the time, I forget to even open the goal tracking programs on my computer. So a low-tech technique to truly keep your goals in sight is a simple visual reminder of what has to be done on your wall.

3. Standing Desk

Long durations of time spent sitting have been shown in studies to be detrimental to one’s health. With a standing desk, you’ll be able to be fit and productive at the same time! Though it may seem foolish at first, standing for just a few hours a day offers numerous advantages for one’s health.

4. Phillips Hue Bulbs

I’m a big fan of Philips Hue lighting. You can customize the LED light output of each bulb, and you can even use an app to automate your lighting schedules based on the time of day. In the afternoon, this is the perfect visual cue to stop working.

5. Minimal Desk Orginization

There’s always a bit of a mess on our workstations. If you don’t keep your pens, pencils, and other nick nibbles organized, your desk will look disorganized. That’s why I adore these little desk trays from grove.

6. Comfortable Seating

The chair is by far the most crucial piece of office furniture, so don’t squander your budget on a fancy gaming PC only to be stuck with the creaky hand-me-down your mother got you. In addition to improving your sitting comfort, a high-quality chair can help you avoid costly future back surgeries.

7. Ikea Skadis Wall Orginization

The Ikea Skadis wall organization system is a great option if you have a lot of items that you’d like to keep in plain sight. Hooks, shelves, and more may be inserted in a grid configuration on your wall with this product. As a bonus, it sports a sleek, contemporary design.

8. Wall Hangars

Wall hangars are another great way to organize your walls. If you’re a business person who’s constantly on the road, this is a great solution for hanging up your backpack and outerwear.

9. Dual Monitors

They suggest that you don’t need two monitors because they don’t have them themselves. You’ll never go back to a single monitor after you’ve tried dual monitors. When using a dual monitor setup, you can simultaneously listen to music or look at several websites.

10. Floating Shelves

Displaying your belongings in a more conventional manner is easy with floating shelves. It’s all about the shelves because they increase your productivity by making your workspace more visually appealing.

11. Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

It’s a lot easier to store and use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse if you don’t require a wired mouse for gaming, plus it keeps your desk looking clean.

12. Monitor Stand

Another wonderful option to organize your desk is to use monitor stands, which are ideal for hiding cords, storing additional storage, or simply raising your monitor to a height that better suits your eyes.

13. Plants

Ferrari’s workers reported a 20% improvement in productivity once they added plants to their manufacturing. That being the case, why not try it out for yourself? Greenery has been found to improve mood, creativity, and productivity.

14. Minimal Area Rug

A moving office chair might be a real pain if you have hardwood floors. Get a simple area rug instead of those odd plastic mats. You’ll be able to better control your workplace chair with it, and your feet will appreciate the comfort. Oh, and it looks great, too.

15. Large Scale Art

Please, refrain from purchasing those inane “entrepreneurial” quote posters. Instead, consider who or what inspires you and hang a huge piece of art on your wall to reflect that inspiration. Is the view of where you wish to live or a person who inspires you what you’re looking for in life? A less direct approach is essential.

16. Ikea SIGUM Cable Management

When it comes to ruining a well-designed office, poor cable management is the most common culprit. The SIGNUM cable management system from Ikea is a simple and cost-effective way to organize your computer’s cables.

17. Phone Stand

A phone stand is a must-have for any desk. There are models that include built-in charging connections.

18. Monitor Arms

I love monitor arms because they save up space on your desk and appear like something from the future at the same time.

19. Wide Desk

Finally, pick a desk that is wide enough for your needs. I see individuals with workstations that are too little all the time, and it doesn’t look pleasant. Remember, you’ll be sitting at your desk for the majority of the day, so give yourself some extra room.

20. Brighten the area

It’s possible to turn off the fluorescent lights above your head by installing a light fixture. You may discover a lamp that precisely matches your personal style thanks to the wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Consider experimenting with different sorts of lighting if you’re feeling daring. For example, a string of fairy lights or brightly colored lightbulbs might create a more ethereal atmosphere.

21. Think about shelving

Storage can be created on the desktop by utilizing desktop shelf. Organize small items like pens and pencils, paperclips, rubber bands, and candies in clear containers for a clean and appealing presentation. It’s also possible to use shelves in a creative way! Desks can be made cozier without being cluttered by adding plants, artwork, books, and family photos.

22. Add colorful accents

Even while minimalism is popular right now, your desk decor may quickly get stale if you stick to neutral tones. Don’t be scared to add a few splashes of color to your outfits. Jewel tones like sapphire blue, ruby red, and emerald green are appropriate for business attire. When it comes to office supplies, there’s a lot of room for color. Give your school supplies a colorful makeover with brightly colored pencil boxes, staplers, scissors, and more.

23. Personalize your mouse pad

Using a black mousepad is not a requirement by any means. Upgrade this often-overlooked workplace accessory to better reflect your unique individuality. Mousepads are available in every hue imaginable. Leather, cork, and even agate are all materials you might not expect to find on a mousepad.

24. Display fresh flowers

Anyone who enjoys looking at flowers is bound to be happier. Flowers, no matter how you display them, add a burst of color to any room. Colorful and fragrant, if you choose well, they are a great way to liven up a room.

25. Pillows can add comfort to the area

A sore back is a sure sign of a bad chair. Sitting on a pillow will provide you with additional comfort. You can also use a little throw pillow behind your back if your chair is already comfortable. Bonus: If you become sleepy during the day, you’ll have something to nap on. Consider bringing a small throw blanket to use as a shawl or to cover your legs if it gets chilly in your workplace.

26. Create a color scheme if you can

Neutral colors are a good place to start when designing a color palette. Black, gray and white are examples of neutrals that can be used to create a contemporary color palette. For a Boho look, shades like brown and beige work well as neutrals. In the next step, choose one or two complementary colors that complement your neutrals. If you’re going for a high-energy style, you may wear hot pink, royal blue, or yellow. Blush pink and moss green are good options if you’re looking for something more understated.

27. Add framed artwork

Create the atmosphere you desire with framed paintings. Framed prints might be serious, humorous, rustic, abstract, or everything in between. Before settling on a print, look through a selection of options. Posters can be framed to give them a more elegant appearance.

28. Supplies can be hung from a Peg Board

Any time you want to switch up the look of your desk, a peg board is a great option because of the flexibility it offers. With the hooks on your pegboard, you can hang just about anything! A macrame hanger can be used to display a variety of items, including scissors, micro shelves, and even a small plant.

29. Decorate with family photos

When you’re with your loved ones, bring a little of that happiness with you to the office! You’ll be reminded of the things that bring you joy by looking at photos of your family, friends, and pets. Take photos of your most memorable vacations or family gatherings and put them in a photo album.

30. Utilize trays to keep your supplies organized

It’s difficult to maintain order when your materials are dispersed throughout the office. Rescue by trays! If you have good supplies that you want to look at throughout the day, keep them in your desk drawers or on top of your desk.

31. Use Washi tape

Get excited if you’ve never heard of washi tape. A wide variety of surfaces can be attached and removed with this adhesive tape. Make your own removable wallpaper or use it to hang images on the wall with ease.

32. Decorate with wallpaper, contact paper, or stickers

There are a variety of peel-off choices for decorating your home, including wallpaper, contact paper, and stickers. Is emerald green the color of your choice for your desktop? Using the correct contact paper can help you achieve your goals. Make a pattern using stickers after you’ve used contact paper to cover an object.

33. Choose a fun clock

Besides being practical, clocks can also be amusing. It’s up to you whether you like a wall-mounted or desk-mounted clock. Choose a color that suits your overall color scheme and design style.

34. File documents in a magazine holder

Quit rummaging through piles of jumbled documents, trying to find stuff you’ve misplaced. Desktop magazine or file holders keep vital documents in order while also adding an elegant touch to the desk.

35. Utilize recycled tin cans to store your supplies

Pens, pencils, and even flowers can all be stored in tin cans, which work well with rustic and industrial design. Use washi tape or paint to customize your tin can if you’re feeling creative.

36. To make a room appear larger, use mirrors

Mirrors, which reflect light, can appear to expand a room by two times! Hanging mirrors on the wall or even utilizing a mirror as a desk might help expand the space in your room.

37. Lighting candles to add fragrance

Bring a perfume into your area to delight your senses beyond the visual. Candles are all that is needed. Whether you’d rather to be in the woods or on the sand, find a perfume that will take you there.

38. Sort your supplies by color

The resources you use to color code them also serve as decorations. Show off all of your office supplies by placing them on your desk or shelves in a rainbow order.

39. Try hanging plants

Hanging plants are a great alternative to desk plants if you don’t have a lot of room. You can’t dig through the ceiling? Smaller plants can be hung on pegs on a peg board with ease.

40. Add metallic details to the room

Your workstation will have a more refined appearance if you use metallic accents. Gold is a common choice, but silver or bronze can better suit your color palette.

Enjoy your desk

You don’t need to implement every single one of these 40 desk decor ideas in order to get the most out of your work environment. Start by looking for desk decor inspiration that speaks to you. We can help you arrange and beautify your work space so that it’s more enjoyable to use.